Brass Nozzle SN4-N-B-018

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    Brass Nozzle

    Item No. Material Inlet Outlet
    SN4-N-B-001 Brass 1½”BS336 Φ9
    SN4-N-B-002 Brass 1¼”BSP Female Φ9
    1″ BSP Female Φ9
    1″BSP Female Φ9
    SN4-N-B-003 Brass 2″ NH Female Φ13
    2½” QLD Female Φ16
    2½” FBP Female Φ16
    2½” BSP Female Φ16
    SN4-N-B-004 Brass 2″BS336 Φ13
    2½”BS336 Φ16
    SN4-N-B-005 Brass 1½”BS336 Φ20
    2″BS336 Φ30
    2½”BS336 Φ30
    SN4-N-B-006 Brass 2½” Storz Φ16
    SN4-N-B-007 Brass 1½” Φ9
    2″ Φ13
    2½” Φ16
    SN4-N-B-008 Brass 1½” Storz Φ9
    2″ Storz Φ13
    2½” Storz Φ16
    SN4-N-B-009 Brass 2½” NH Female Φ29
    2½” BSP Female Φ29
    SN4-N-B-010 Brass 1½” BSP Female Φ33
    SN4-N-B-011 Brass ½” Φ15.6
    ¾” Φ15.6
    1″ Φ15.6
    SN4-N-B-012 Brass in chrome plating ½” Φ15.6
    ¾” Φ15.6
    1″ Φ15.6
    SN4-N-B-013 Brass ¾” Φ15.6
    1″ Φ15.6
    SN4-N-B-014 Brass in chrome plating ½” Φ4
    ¾” Φ6
    1″ Φ8
    SN4-N-B-015 Brass ½” Φ5.4
    ¾” Φ6.4
    1″ Φ7
    SN4-N-B-016 Brass 1½” Nakajima Φ20
    2″ Nakajima Φ30
    2½” Nakajima Φ30
    SN4-N-B-017 Brass 1½” NH Female Φ20
    2″ NH Female Φ30
    2½” NH Female Φ30
    SN4-N-B-018 Brass 1½”  




    -Nozzle can be connected with NH, NPSH, BSP, Storz, British quick coupling, Japanese quick couplings and other special thread couplings.

    -Rated working pressure: double pressures 5 bar or 6 bar. Maximum working pressure is 16 Bar.

    -Flow ranges are different according to different types.

    -Spray patterns can be changed to solid bore, combination streams, 120°fog stream and high pressure cleaning in side of nozzle through adjusting the outside flow ring.



    Item No. Material Inlet Outlet
    SN4-N-B-020 Brass 1½” NH Female Φ22
    SN4-N-B-021 Brass ½” Φ11
    ¾” Φ11
    1″ Φ11


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